Job Position Title Location Field of Business
Assistenzarzt Chirurgie (m/w) Luzern, Switzerland Surgery
Oberarzt Pädiatrie (m/w) Luzern, Switzerland Pediatrics
Oberarzt Handchirurgie (m/w) Luzern, Switzerland Orthopedics
Assistenzarzt für Innere Medizin (m/w) Bern, Switzerland Internal Medicine
Oberarzt für Psychiatrie (m/w) St. Gallen, Switzerland Psychiatry
Kinderärztin / Kinderarzt Bern, Switzerland Pediatrics
Oberarzt Gastroenterologie (m/w) Basel, Switzerland Internal Medicine
Assistenzarzt für Chirurgie (m/w) Raum Basel, Switzerland Surgery
Electronics Design Engineer St. Gallen, Switzerland Electrical
Assistenzarzt Psychosomatik St. Gallen, Switzerland Psychiatry

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