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Global dental leader appoints new Regional Manager North Greece!
Published on 08.12.2016

Our Managing Director, Stavros Antoniou, is writing about the success story of a Greek Market Specialist, who managed to be hired by a global dental company with the cooperation of Grecruitment.

Things to consider before moving from Greece to Germany!
Published on 20.11.2016

Stavros Antoniou is writing about some thoughts, which someone may has, before abandoning his/her own country for a better working place.

Some thoughts after 7 years of Grecruitment! Happy Birthday!
Published on 30.08.2016

Our Managing Director, Stavros Antoniou, is sharing his private thoughts about Grecruitment and his own path to success due to the 7-year-anniversary of the company.

The Cover Letter in the German Speaking Area
Published on 19.08.2016

Stavros Antoniou is analysing some basic facts about the cover letter and its importance for the process of job finding.

Schlechtes Arbeitszeugnis? Wie aus einer Mücke ein Elefant werden kann!
Published on 28.07.2016

Stavros Antoniou, Managing Director of Grecruitment, is writing about the work certificate and its differencies among different countries.

Grecruitment Emerging Talent Markets - Case study Romania
Published on 17.03.2016

Stavros Antoniou is writing about Romania and its promotion as a great talent finding market in the last months. The effort of a new Romanian consultant was undeniably important in this case.

Το “Arbeitszeugnis” ή ελληνιστί η Βεβαίωση Εργασίας στις γερμανόφωνες χώρες
Published on 18.01.2016

Our Managing Director, Stavros Antoniou, is explaining the importance of the work certificate in finding the next job and the role of Grecruitment in order to decode it.

Ημέρα συγκίνησης, ευθύνης και δέσμευσης – τα 6 χρόνια λειτουργίας γιορτάζει η Grecruitment
Published on 21.08.2015

Ο Σταύρος Αντωνίου, Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος της Grecruitment, με αφορμή τα 6 χρόνια λειτουργίας που "έκλεισε" η εταιρεία, αναλύει την πορεία που ακολούθησε από τις απαρχές της, επαινεί τη δουλειά των ανθρώπων που τη στηρίζουν εσωτερικά και υπόσχεται να συνεχίσει το έργο που ξεκίνησε και στα επόμενα χρόνια.

Una Faccia Una Razza - Pierpaolo is moving to Limassol
Published on 28.06.2015

Stavros Antoniou is writing about the story of a young Italian guy, who was living in the Netherlands and managed to find a job in Cyprus through Grecruitment.

The role of the Greek mum when placing candidates abroad
Published on 03.06.2015

Our Managing Director, Stavros Antoniou, is writing about the role of the Greek mum, when it comes for her children to find a better life and job abroad.

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